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 Technical Projects


Since the establishment of ISNET, it had the objective of initiating joint projects of space sciences, space technology and their applications among OIC member States. To make ISNET more effective, dynamic and beneficial for its member states and to attract other OIC States, it had been deliberated and decided during twelfth Governing Body Meeting to shift focus from capacity building to technical projects. Foregoing in view, few technical projects were proposed by member state Pakistan. Other member states were also requested and encouraged to propose technical projects for undertaking from ISNET platform. Few Technical projects were approved in 12th GBM. Fol 11 x technical projects were also shared with COMSTECH to explore possible areas of funding:-

Sr. Project Name
a. Utilization of PakTES-1A satellite imagery and related services
b. PRSS-1 Data as A Service
c. Land Change Modeling based on Satellite Remote Sensing
d. Satellite Remote Sensing based Land Degradation Mapping
e. Satellite Remote Sensing Based Land Use Land Cover Mapping
f. Satellite Remote Sensing Based Water Resource Mapping
g. Geo-Spatial Crops Monitoring for Decision Support to Regional Food Security and Agricultural Trade Balance Services to Support ISNET State Members
h. Establishment of Total Electron Content (TEC) & Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Network under the framework of ISNET
i. Training on geomagnetic and Ionospheric data acquisition, processing and analysis techniques
j. UAV based Digital Farming for Enhanced Productivity & Food Security
k. Training on Space Education & Awareness Drive (T-SEAD)

All OIC countries especially ISNET member states are urged to participate in these projects. For further details ISNET Sectt may be approached to discuss and deliberate upon way forward.


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