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Technical Projects / Satellite Remote Sensing Based Water Resource Mapping

 Satellite Remote Sensing Based Water Resource Mapping


1. Scope. Scope of the project encompasses assessment and conservation of the available water resource.

2. Overall Objectives. Major objectives of the project include:-

  1. Mapping the existing surface water resources
  2. Dam sites selection
  3. Runoff Modeling
  4. Water Storage vs availability dynamics
  5. Implications of enhanced water storage and availability on enhancing agriculture areas by converting non-cultivable land to cultivable ones

3. Technical Description.

Most of the ISNET member countries have arid climate and water utilization for daily household and agriculture is very scarce. Lands are strongly degraded due to influence of anthropogenic, climate change and other natural factors. Therefore, investigation of degradation process due to water scarcity or mismanagement by new technologies is essential formation for the land water resource database to monitor and manage the resource sustainably. Workflow of the proposed work shall comprise following components:

  1. Acquisition of satellite images
  2. Developing GIS of existing water resources e.g. rivers, canals, dams, minors and lakes etc.
  3. Processing of Digital Elevation Model and topographic assessment
  4. Precipitation and runoff modelling
  5. New Dam sites selection and water availability dynamics analysis
  6. Identification of land for potential agriculture in the downstream of new dam sites along with culturable waste areas with canal command area analysis
  7. Web GIS development for water resource availability and management
  8. Preparation of final reports and scientific papers

4. Expected Benefits. Following benefits could be expected from this project:-
  1. Capacity building of the member countries in use of Remote Sensing and GIS for natural resources monitoring and use of modern data dissemination techniques.
  2. Obtained results and the developed methodical approaches will be important in increasing monitoring efficiency in other socioeconomic areas and will serve food security.
  3. The study and management of water and ecological condition will save time and financial resources in efficient use. It will be useful in preparation of measures and government programs for the improving water-ecological condition.
  4. It will serve collection, easily usage, protection and transmission through the network of relevant knowledge in a single Database


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