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Technical Projects / Training on Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis Techniques

Training on Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis Techniques


  1. Overall Objectives: The main objective of the training is to develop capacity of OIC countries in the field of geomagnetism and ionosphere by imparting onsite training on observatory operation, data analysis & services and enhance cooperation among them.
  2. Project Details:
    1. The science of geomagnetism and ionosphere is still a new discipline amongst many of the Countries of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); hence the importance of these fields for mitigation of space weather hazards needs to be highlighted. Moreover, many Islamic countries lack suitable ground-based infrastructure to monitor geomagnetic field variations and ionospheric perturbations. Only a few Islamic countries including Pakistan possess geomagnetic observatories and ionospheric stations and engage in the related activities. Pakistan has already organized/hosted two international workshops on geomagnetism and ionosphere in 2012 and 2018 which were attended by 15 and 18 foreigners respectively.
    2. The project (under the priority item 1, capacity building, and priority item 11, Big Science Program) is in line with goals of STI Agenda 2026. Main aim of the proposed training is to familiarize OIC countries with space science, provide young researchers an opportunity to carry out research in the field related to Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere, train them about the use of equipment and facilitate participants to establish new personal contacts for collaboration. 15 days training would be comprised of technical visits, practical sessions, lectures and formal & informal discussion sessions.
    3. c. The objectives of the training are as follows:-
      1. Promote the installation of new geomagnetic observatories and ionospheric monitoring stations in OIC Member Countries
      2. Promote the observation of the geomagnetic field and ionosphere in OIC countries
      3. Inform the current observatories of the products and services they can provide to the scientific and socio-economic sector
      4. Improve the existing observatories in the OIC countries by providing:
        • Training to the geomagnetic field observers and ionospheric data scaling staff
        • Providing knowledge about up to date geomagnetic and ionospheric instrumentation
        • Training on data processing
        • Training of managers of geomagnetic observatories programs
  3. Benefits of the Project: Following benefits are expected at the end of this project:-
    1. Create links between geomagnetic and ionospheric programs in OIC countries
    2. Availability of VHR satellite imagery from PRSS-1 to ISNET countries at financially viable costs as compared to international data sources
    3. Establishment of a common ISNET data resource and a technology platform for future collaborative projects / services in the domain of satellite remote sensing
    4. Enhanced utilization of an available space asset so as to reduce collective expenses on similar satellite data from other international sources
    5. Capacity building of relevant agencies of ISNET Countries in development of sophisticated DaaS platform so as to make the forum productive and beneficial for common benefits


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