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Technical Projects / PRSS-1 Data as A Service

PRSS-1 Data as A Service


  1. Scope: Scope of the project encompasses conception and development of requisite spatial data, software & hardware infrastructures for Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery to the ISNET users
  2. Overall Objectives: Major objectives of the project is to develop, deploy and host state of the art Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) data licensing service of Pakistan's first remote sensing satellite i.e. PRSS-1 for the ISNET users.
  3. Methodology: Online licensing services for satellite imagery have a significant impact on global economy. Once established online through internet, these services provide a reliable satellite image base to the users with an increased flexibility, online utilization capability at a reduced cost (as compared to normal purchase of a satellite image). This enables the users as well as solution provider to be self-sustainable. The intended solution shall have following in-built flexibilities and functionalities:
    1. Subscribe and use online service to view, use and / or download satellite imagery
    2. Spatial on Demand - Request for a specific imagery and / or detailed map data for a specific date or period of time
    3. Area Constrained - Constrained view of only a specific area / site
    4. User Constrained - Constrained view for only users of specific authenticity
    5. Map Creation / Editing - User shall be able to create and / or upload - edit - download his own digital maps (kml, kmz, shp and other popular formats of vector maps) on fresh VHR satellite imagery
    6. Simplistic - User interface shall be simplistic, compatible with all web browsers, easy to use and flexible in order to fulfil custom needs of various users
  4. Expected Benefits: Following benefits could be expected from this project:
    1. Availability of VHR satellite imagery from PRSS-1 to ISNET countries at financially viable costs as compared to international data sources
    2. Establishment of a common ISNET data resource and a technology platform for future collaborative projects / services in the domain of satellite remote sensing
    3. Enhanced utilization of an available space asset so as to reduce collective expenses on similar satellite data from other international sources
    4. Capacity building of relevant agencies of ISNET Countries in development of sophisticated DaaS platform so as to make the forum productive and beneficial for common benefits


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