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ISNET Activities > Activities: 2021


 Activities 2021


Announcement of APSCO Distance Training Course on "Satellite Constellations - Episode 2: Practical Design"


Announcement of APSCO/UN Short Training Course on "Space Technology for Building Disaster Resilience to Water Scarcity"


Announcement of APSCO's "Competition on Discovering Historical Cultural Heritage with Eye in Space" and distance training course on "Remote Sensing Data Processing and Applications"


Announcement of APSCO's/TUA Distance Training Course on "SPACE PHOTOMETRY"


Announcement of APSCO's Online Short Training Course on MICRO-SATELLITE'S STATISTICAL DESIGN


Announcement of APSCO's Short Training Course on Lunar Data Analysis


Webinar on Space for Sustainable Development Goals


Announcement for APSCO/ESA/CISL Space Law Workshop


Distance Learning Course on Fixture Design and Introduction to Vibration Testing


Announcement for webinar on "Promotion of the Education & Training Activities of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO)"


Distance Training Course on Space Environment Effects Analysis For GEO-Communication Satellite


Webinar on Importance of Space Education & Awareness


Series of Seminars on Space Science, Technology & Legislation


Distance Training Course on Seminor on Space Law & Policy


Distance Training Course on Navigation Error Analysis Techniques


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