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 Ninth GBM of ISNET


The Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences & Technology (ISNET) held its Ninth biennial Governing Body Meeting (GBM) on 21 September 2012 in Lahore, Pakistan. The Meeting was chaired by President ISNET Mr Ahmed Bilal who is also Chairman of Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). The meeting was attended by the following officials from COMSTECH, focal point organisations and ISNET Secretariat:

Mr Mujeeb ur Rehman
Director Accounts
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and
Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)
Prof Dr Talaat Ramadan
Mineral Resources Department
National Authority for Remote Sensing and
Space Sciences (NARSS)
Dr Mohsen Shaterzadeh
Deputy President
Iranian Space Agency (ISA)
Islamic Republic of Iran
Mr Hadi Vaezi
Technical Deputy
National Cartographic Center (NCC)
Islamic Republic of Iran
Dr Samir S Mohammed Raouf
Deputy Federal Minister
Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST)
Mr Oumar SARR
Chief Financial Officer
Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE)
Dr Yahya Hassan Al-Tayeb
Equivalent Assistant Professor Researcher
Remote Sensing Authority (RSA)
Mr Sadik Murat YUKSEL
Chief Senior Researcher
The Scientific and Technological Research
Council of Turkey (TUBITAK UZAY)
Mr Arshad Siraj
Executive Director ISNET
Executive Director
Mr Abdullah Jamil Khan
Administrator ISNET

The Meeting began with a statement from the Chair in which he reiterated his views that the Network was an inter-governmental forum and highlighted the need for increased coordination and cooperation among member countries on matters specific to peaceful uses of outer space. The Chair also extended warm welcome to Egypt, the latest member of ISNET. Delegates from member countries made statements and approved the agenda of the Meeting which included, inter alia, Activity Report by the Executive Director ISNET; Expansion of Membership; Ways and Means of Promoting and Expanding the Scope of the Network’s Activities; and Application for Permanent Observer Status with the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS). Also on the agenda were the approval of ISNET annual budget for the biennium 2013-14 and confirmation of its audit reports for the period CY 2010-11.


The Governing Body (GB) appreciated the progress made by the Network in the past two years. It also unanimously pre-approved the membership of Jordan and Oman, if these two countries were to formally apply for membership before the next GBM. It supported the proposal submitted by the Secretariat to offer visit to non-ISNET-member OIC countries to make presentations and hold meetings with heads of space organisations and urge them to become members. The GB also agreed to increase the publicity of ISNET and its activities with the objective to foster new linkages with space-related organisations and educational institutions in OIC member countries. Different views were expressed as to the ways and means of enriching the array of the activities held under the auspices of ISNET. The distinguished delegates collectively agreed to initiate tangible near-term joint projects, and tasked ISNET Secretariat to devise an effective working mechanism in this respect. Keeping in view the achievements made by the Network in the recent past, members of the GB pledged to support the proposal to double membership contributions. With a view to acquaint as many Islamic countries with the mandate, objectives and programme elements of ISNET, the GB also approved the Network’s application for permanent observer status with the UN COPUOS.

Islamic Republic of Iran proposed to hold the Tenth GBM in Tehran in 2014 while Turkey offered to host an ISNET meeting in Ankara at TUBITAK UZAY.


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