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ISNET/RJGC Workshop on "CUBESAT TECHNOLOGIES: Its Design and Development"


 15th Oct – 19th Oct 2017


Amman, Jordan

Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences & Technology (ISNET), in collaboration with Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC) is planning to hold a 5-day ISNET/RJGC Workshop on “CubeSat Technologies, Design and Development” from 15th Oct – 19th Oct 2017 in Amman, Jordan

The workshop shall be conducted by Prof. Dr. Alim Rustem Aslan from Istanbul Technical University. He has lead several satellite projects with successful launches into orbit, including the first cubic satellite made in Turkey.


The overall workshop shall be divided into three segments: tutorial session on CubeSat basics, intensive hands-on training, and seminar presentations based on abstracts submitted. The following major topics will be covered:

Seminar Topics Hands-on Training

Research papers centering on the following topics shall be presented at the seminar:

1.    Novel Missions and Payloads for CubeSats

2.    Subsystem Development for CubeSats

a.    Structures and mechanisms, thermal control

b.    Communications, TMTC

c.    OBDH and radiation tolerance

d.    Propulsion systems

e.    AODCS

f.     Power systems,

g.    Combined systems

3.    CubeSat Ground Statıons and GS Networks

4.    CubeSats and International Cooperation, Testing Facilities

Deployers and Launch Opportunıtıes for CubeSats

    CubeSats Basics Tutorial Session:

1.    Overview of CubeSats: past, present and future with Example missions

2.    Choosing/managing a mission and payload(s)

3.    CubeSat Project management

4.    Designing/selecting subsystems

5.    AIT and Launch operations

6.    Ground Station and Mission Control/Operations 

    Hands-on Workshop:

1.    Integration of existing subsystems for a 1U CubeSat.

2.    Attitude control modes via software for 3 axis ADCS

3.    Satellite tracking

4.    Orbit simulations via free education version of STK, other software

5.    Solar Panel Power generation analysis

6.    Antenna deployment system for CubeSats

7.    CubeSat thermal management

8.    Link budget analysis

Call for Papers:

Participants wishing to present papers are invited to send abstracts of 250-400 words in English language on MS Word format (on the topics listed above), along with a filled application form, a scanned copy of recommendation letter issued from the head of your organisation and valid travel passport  to Administrator ISNET at

Panel of experts will evaluate abstracts. Full length manuscripts of accepted abstracts are required to be submitted by the specified date.

Important Dates:


Submission of research abstract / training application     15th July 2017
Intimation of selection     15th August 2017
Submission of manuscript / full scientific paper     31st August 2017
Workshop dates     15th – 19th October 2017

Who Should Attend

 A large number of participants are expected to attend this workshop from OIC countries. The attendees will be system engineers, project managers, integrated product team members involved with any aspect of system engineering and analysis, especially design and development, test and evaluation of CubeSats.

 The workshop is also intended for research scientists and students whose focus of study has been space sciences and technologies, etc.


ISNET will offer full/partial funding to a limited number of suitable applicants from OIC member States. While applying for funding, an applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from the head of organisation along with a duly filled application form to ISNET Secretariat. Incomplete application forms shall either be returned or not be entertained depending upon the date of receipt.


Scientific Committee

Following is the Scientifc Committee from RJGC:

Dr. Awni Al-Khasawneh (Chairman)

dr awni

Dr. Mohammad Al-Jarrah

dr awni

Eng. Nivin Hasan

dr awni

Eng. Ibrahim Albaddawi

dr awni

Dr. Ali Nouh

dr awni
Workshop Coordinators
Ms. Sadaf Sajjad



Suparco Road, P.O Box 8402

Karachi 75270, Pakistan

Tel: +92 21 34605765 (ext: 2015)

Fax: +92 21 34694941


Ms. Nivin Abdelrahim Hasan

Head of Planning Department

Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC)

Jubaiha - Ahmad tarawneh St. - Building No.92

Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 - 6 534 5 188


• Workshop Brochure • Abstract Writing Style
Application Form • Full Length Paper Template


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