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 Activities held in 2007

International Training Course on Geographic Information System (GIS)
22 October 02 November 2007; Karachi, Pakistan

SUPARCO organised a two-week training course on Geographic Information System (GIS) from 22 October 02 November 2007 at SUPARCO Headquarters, Karachi. ISNET sponsored two participants from GORS, Syria and one participant form Arid Regions Institute, Tunisia for this course.

Training Course on Atmospheric Sciences
27 30 November 2007; Karachi, Pakistan

SUPARCO organised a four-day training course on Atmospheric Sciences from 27 30 November 2007 at SUPARCO Headquarters, Karachi. ISNET sponsored two participants from SPARRSO, Bangladesh and one participant from GORS, Syria for this course.

Short Training Course on Impact of Solar Radiation on Earth, Ionosphere and Geomagnetic Field
25 26 July 2007; Karachi, Pakistan

SUPARCO organised a short training course on Impact of Solar Radiation on Earth, Ionosphere & Geomagnetic Field in July 2007. ISNET sponsored one participant from LAPAN, Indonesia for this course.

ISNET/GORS Seminar on Remote Sensing for Water Resources Management
2729 August 2007; GORS Headquarters, Damascus, Syria

General Organisation of Remote Sensing (GORS) Syria hosted ISNET Annual Seminar in Damascus under the patronage of Dr Amr Salem, Minister of Communications & Technology, Syria.

The topic of the Seminar was Remote Sensing for Water Resources Management. Most of the Muslim countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia are either water stressed or are heading towards it, due to their agrarian based economies, large populations, rapid industrialization, and increasing Global warming and climate change. The existing conventional systems of water resource management are neither effective nor economical, necessitating the introduction of modern technologies to meet the challenge. Remote Sensing and its allied technologies have proved to be very efficient in monitoring various natural resources and their application in management, monitoring and effective utilization of water resources. Remote sensing provides not only efficient and cost effective methods of water management but also accurately monitors and predicts long term trends of depletion of this scarce resource. Accurate analysis provides basic ground for appropriate measures in water conservation policies. Remote Sensing & GIS also aid in better monitoring and assessment of conservation efforts. It was with these issues in view that ISNET and GORS arranged this seminar focusing on the role of Remote Sensing for Water Resources Management.


The Seminar, which was held at GORS Headquarters in Damascus from 27 to 29 August 2007, included fifteen theoretical, scientific and country papers presented by twelve participants from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria and Tunisia. Syrian Government officials, Arab delegates, representatives of Applied Science & Research Association (ASRA) of Iran, GORS officials and students also attended the seminar and benefited from the presentations. Besides sharing knowledge and experiences, the Seminar helped foster friendship amongst participants which is so vital for mutual cooperation amongst OIC member countries in the long term.

The recommendations, that marked the closing of the session, highlighted the importance of cooperation among member countries for their mutual benefit.

Foreign participants of the seminar were impressed by the excellent arrangements made by GORS for the seminar, as well as their exceptional hospitality. Participants also enjoyed the rich cultural and historical heritage of Syria. The seminar was followed by a visit to a historical Roman Amphitheatre at Bosra.


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